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Error when opening Eclipse Application

Issue: Normally when I first install eclipse, it gives me a popup window to choose my workspace but once I select the workspace and say that it is the default one...Eclipse doesn't show that window again...This window is the "Workspace Launcher" If at all in the future I want to change the workspace I used to do so after opening eclipse and then choosing "Switch Workspace" in the File menu...This restarts eclipse and opens it again in the new workspace! It was when I got this error while opening the application.

The default workspace is stored in the configuration\config.ini file, usually found where you installed Eclipse. If there isn't a default there (it's called osgi.instance.area) then it will prompt. If you have previously selected one, and clicked 'make this the default', then I believe it updates it in the config.ini file; if not, look in configuration\.settings\org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs.
This files looks like this:

1--- #Sat May 31…