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Picassa doesn't show all the images imported

When I imported pictures into a folder in Picassa I couldn't see all the pics...

All the smaller pics were hidden from display...this link helped me alot:

Step 1: Make sure your file type is being detectedIn Picasa, click the Tools menu.Select Options.Click the File Types tab.Verify that you've selected the checkboxes for all the formats you'd like Picasa to display. See our list of supported file types.Click OK.
Step 3: Look for hidden files or foldersPicasa won't show any files or folders that have been marked hidden in Windows. To see if a folder is hidden, follow these steps: Navigate to the folder in question on your computer.Right-click the folder or file.Select Properties. The 'Hidden' checkbox must be deselected in order for Picasa to access content in the folder or file.Repeat the above steps for every folder in the file path. For example, if your photo is stored at C:\Documents and Settings\fredflintstone\My Documents\My Pictures, you'll need to ensu…