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Cron Job

Excellent Post @

Once we get to know what a cron job is, we can go on an get going on our linux box. This link will help you create your own cronjob:

XHR Issue with Selenium - Firefox

When we try executing our suite on Firefox, there is an issue with the new Selenium 1.0.3 server:
Got result: XHR ERROR: URL = Response_Code = 503 Error_Message = Serrvice Temporarily Unavailable on session b882a11224b7____
This doesn't occur with the older selenium server jar but just the new one.
Root Cause: This occurs mainly due to Open command
If we alter the open command to have its second argument as works!

Also suggest  that you might want to use the latest version of Selenium RC...RC's 2 and above don't throw the XHR error...

Get the latest RC here.

Selenium throws an exception when running on Firefox

we get this error when we are trying to run a testng annotated java selenium code on firefox: "[testng] com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleniumException: this.getCurrentWindow is not a function" Then all the other annotations are SKIPPED.

A workaround for such an error would be to put the line of code which gives this error under a try block. In my case it was openReader()

I changed the code as below:

catch(Exception e){System.out.println(e.toString());}

The class should throw the Exception too!

This solved the problem and after the exception is printed, the execution continues!