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Capture the Screens!!!!

Well I just wanted to have all the different ways to capture the screen (screenshots!!!) for different devices at one place iPad – Hold the Power Button, Click on the Home Button and release – More detailsiPhone – Hold the Power and the Home Button simultaneously and release both – More detailsKindle Fire – Hold the Volume Down button and power button simultaneously and release both – More detailsSamsung Galaxy – Hold the Power and Home Button simultaneously and release both – More detailsHope this helps!!!

Running Different @BeforeMethods for different Test Groups in TestNG

SolutionPlease do write to me if you think there is a better solution…I am always ready to learn something new

Search from the Address Bar

There are three things I’ll discuss in this post…Enable searching from the Address Bar of a browserType “about:config” in your browserAccept the warning message given about being carefulSearch for “keyword.enabled” Toggle the value of the boolean variable by right clicking on it. If its set to false – you’ll not be able to search from the address barIf its set to true – you’ll be able to search from the address bar Change the default search engine assignedType “about:config” in your browserAccept the warning message given about being carefulSearch for “keyword.enabled” – Ensure that its “true” – if it isn’t then Toggle the value by right clicking on it and selecting “Toggle”Search for “keyword.url” Set the value to the search engine you want to use: For ex: to use Yahoo search engine – set the value to use Bing – set the value to are all set to search now…Just type the search literals in the address bar and you will …

Looking up for an example on VLOOKUP?

From all the questions I have been asked about and I have asked mostly are related to Excel Formulas If I filter even further I will find that I am looking for information on vlookup most of the times…Here is one attempt from my end to explain what vlookup is all about. What’s VLOOKUP?Ya ya apart from the obvious answer that its an excel formula, it’s a search function!It can find you matching information from a particular table of data – something similar to a hashtable or dictionary in data structures You give it an identifier and it will find the corresponding value for it…Can I get a VLOOKUP Example?Of course! That’s what this blog is about Jokes apart, here is an example of VLOOKUPProblem Statement: Your boss asks you to find out the work experience in number of years of your team matesData you have: Now you have to fill in this table to present it to your boss: Now you’ll get the data in columns H, I from C and D – isn’t it? that’s simple You have a way to do that using VLOOKUP…

Can’t buy free apps on iPad?

I bought the iPad but I was really pissed off that I can’t seem to  buy any free app. I had an apple id, but then it wanted me to give my credit card details to download a free app too…Pch!!! So I googled a bit and got this solution…Create an apple id if you don’t have oneNow download the iTunes app on your computerOpen iTunes and follow these steps:Go to iTunes Store under the “Store” category on your left side panelNow go to “Apps Store” on the top panelYou will see “Top Free Apps” on the right side panel (Scroll down if you don’t see)Mouse over any of the free apps listedClick on the app name (Don’t click on the free button shown when we mouse over)Then you will be asked to signin – sign in with your apple idThen you will be asked to “review”Go ahead and select “none” on the payment screenScreen will be similar to this: the free apps download from any of your iOS devices (iPad or i…

"missing sdk platform android api 17"

When we are updating the API 17, my Android SDK Manager kept throwing me the error“Missing SDK platform android API 17”The steps to resolve this issue: Open SDK ManagerGo to Tools, OptionsUnder “Manifest Cache” – Click on “Clear Cache”Then Go to Packages, and click on “Reload”This would show some additional new options for you to install, most importantly you will see the SDK platform listed under API17…The package which was missing!!!Happy Androiding

wget error–“zsh: parse error near &”

There is no doubt that I prefer wget way over any other type of downloads…Syntax: wget <DOWNLOAD_URL>If you get this error “zsh: parse error near &” then its probably because your download URL has a “&” so you should try giving your DOWNLOAD_URL in double quoteswget “<DOWNLOAD_URL>”If you are trying to download from a site which needs you to give your credentials then you can try giving it this waywget --http-user=<UserName> --http-password=<Password> “<DOWNLOAD_URL>”Hope this helps