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Debug an Android Phone on Windows

To debug an android phone on windows you need to follow these steps: On the PhoneEnable USB Debugging on your PhoneEnable USB Debugging on the Chrome  browser of your phoneOn Windows 7Install the “ADB PLugin” extension on Chrome browserInstall the phone drivers needed as per the phone you want to debugConnect the phone to windowsOpen “ADB Plugin” and start debugging!!!Important Links this helps!

Windows PowerShell Common Commands

Some common commands on PowerShell Change a Directory DOS: cdPowerShell: Set-LocationList Files in a Directory DOS: dirPowerShell: Get-ChildItemRename a File: DOS: renamePowerShell: Rename-ItemTo see if a DOS command has an alias, you can use the Get-Alias cmdlet. For example, Get-Alias cd shows you that cd is actually running the Set-Location cmdlet. So instead of remembering all the powershell equivalents, just remember the alias command which is Get-AliasThis way just log into PowerShell and type the command Get-Alias <command line command> and you’ll get the equivalent powerShell command of it! I’ve shamelessly copied the content from this website - visit the main site for more information on PowerShell… More Power to you

How to Unpack a tar file on Windows?

On Windows:
You can download a simple command line tool to do this.
You can download the tool from here Usage can be found on the website but pasting it here too for convenience: C:\>TarTool.exe
Usage :
C:\>TarTool.exe sourceFile destinationDirectory
C:\>TarTool.exe D:\sample.tar.gz ./
C:\>TarTool.exe sample.tgz temp
C:\>TarTool.exe -x sample.tar temp
TarTool 2.0 Beta supports bzip2 decompression for files with extensions like tar.bz2 and .bz2.
TarTool -xj sample.tar.bz2 temp
TarTool -j sample.bz2
Download TarTool 2.0 Beta from here
Unpack a .txz file on Windows
Use the 7zip tool to unpack a .txz file on windows

On Linux:
You can use the bzip2 and tar combined to do this…
for ex: bzip2 –cd <tar.bz_fileName> | tar –xvf -
This will unpack the contents of the file

Happy Un-Tar-ing